Archicad START Edition 2020

  • Archicad START Edition 2020 is the BIM solution designed for the needs of small architectural firms.

    in Archicad START Edition 2020 you can harness the full power of the Archicad BIM workflow, allowing the model to stay “alive” until the end of the project: helping designers stay in the creative design flow with the least possible interruptions.

    With Archicad START Edition we have developed a customised solution for all those who do not yet need the full range of Archicad services, but who still do not want to do without the proven Archicad technology and most of the advantages of our software.

    START Edition not only supports BIM design processes in architecture, but also allows you to use intelligent, model-based data exchange with other disciplines. A powerful and reliable BIM solution based on proven Archicad technology, at an affordable price.

    To take advantage of the full range of features and benefits of Archicad, you can upgrade to the current and full version of Archicad at any time by continuing to work on your projects without problems.



    The advanced Beams and Pillar tools allow faster and more accurate modeling in the construction of construction details and in the estimate of the quantity of beams and pillars. Coordinate your projects with all interested professionals using the brand new Forometry tool to create forometries, niches and recesses, and share your project through IFC.


    Optimising raw performance, reducing file size and increasing speed in opening projects make Archicad START Edition 2020 more responsive than ever! Instantly switch between tabs, open multiple projects with a single click, and enjoy reduced reconstruction times of model views.


    Increase your productivity with the new Start Window and Action Center. Start working in an instant, without any kind of interruption. Activate desired design views with Tab Previews. Search in the workplace.

    Optimised workflows

    Archicad START Edition 2020 offers an optimized workflow thanks to the updating of the Information Panels for the Zone and Label tools, the simplification of the input dialogue for Shell and Shapes, the options for the pointer lines of the Text Label and the unique ID in the view settings.

    Create animations of solar studies with customizable date, time and position options and get immediate feedback for your own shadows and those brought through the sunlight settings.

    Improvements to Documentation and Library

    View beams and pillars using projected and symbolic views and cover fills. The parts of the library dedicated to Ramps, Lifts and Windows offer richer options.



    Modeling limitations:

    • No 3DM (Rhino File) support
    • No Link Heights of the Elements to the Plans
    • Curtain Wall tool

    3D viewing / exploration limitations:

    • No Sketch rendering
    • No CineRender R20 engine

    Workflow – Productivity – Project Management – Performance limitations:

    • No Multithreading Available on an Unlimited Number of Cores
    • No Publication of the Project
    • No Connected Modules (Multi-floor)
    • No Rental license, NET license, Subscription licenses
    • No Integrated Energy Assessment
    • No Mass Import Element Data
    • No Revision Management
    • No Publication of the Transparencies in PDF from the Layout
    • No Publishing Information Element for the BIMx Hyper-Models
    • No Restructuring filter with element level status
    • No IFC publication
    • No Import Revision Items from PDF
    • No Integrated Interference Check between the Elements of the Model
    • No Element Transfer Settings: New Curtain Wall Options
    • No Collision Detection improvements
    • No Refurbished Curtain Wall tool
    • No Curtain Wall improvements with fixed windows and casement shutters
    • No The shaped panels of the Curtain Wall can be moved to any position

    Communication, I / O; Interoperability – PLN, PLA, TPL, MOD File Import limitations:

    • No Export of Multiple Layouts to a Single DWG
    • No Registration of DWG Drawings Exploded on a Single Transparency
    • No DXF / DWG External Reference Support (Xref)
    • No Point Cloud View
    • No Support for the EDU / Trial File Format
    • No Support for PMK File Format
    • No Export of the Model in STL Format
    • No Graphic Overrides Based on Criteria for Project Communication
    • No Export to gbXML
    • No Export to PHPP
    • No IFC Hotlinks, Classification and Property Manager in Hotlinks
    • No Rhino-Grasshopper-Archicad live connection

    To take advantage of the entire range of Archicad features and benefits, you can upgrade at any time to the current, full version of Archicad and continue editing your previous projects with it.


    ARCHICAD START EDITION 2020 can read files created with:

    • STAR(T) Edition 2006 or newer versions
    • Archicad 8.1 and 9