• The Australian IDEAL-PARTS library contains more than 13,000 metric fasteners, bearings, steel profiles and holes for SOLIDWORKS.

    They are native, multi configuration parts with integrated SmartMates™ allowing automatic DRAG, DROP and MATE.

    Standard Microsoft® Windows installation and seamless integration through the SOLIDWORKS Design Library means CAD users, designers and engineers are instantly more productive.

    The parts are modelled for efficiency and realism, displaying correctly in technical drawings, BOMs, callouts and photorealistic renderings. PhotoView360™ materials are assigned for the creation of impressive visuals for client and in-house presentations. Also programmed are mass-properties, hatch patterns and RealView™ materials.

  • IDEAL-PARTS have the following advantages:

    • Biggest range of standard Australian metric parts
    • All threads defined
    • Standard Microsoft® Windows installation
    • Accessed through the SOLIDWORKS interface
    • Correct representation of parts in 3D and in 2D
    • BOM, Callout and Weldment Cut-List names
    • Engineering reference data included
    • Engineering material-properties assigned
    • PhotoView360 materials assigned
    • SmartMates for drag and drop
    • Fully customisable
    • Updated with every SOLIDWORKS release
    • Low cost upgrades
    • Consistent naming conventions
    • Modelled accurately and robustly
    • Minimum file size and memory footprint