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How to add a custom size thread

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 20 June 2019

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Today we will dig into adding a custom thread profile in Solidworks, if required to have sizes different to what are available in Standard library.

  1.  First, locate the path and then the folder that Solidworks uses for thread profiles. You will find these files with  .SLDFLP format, also called Solidworks Library Feature Part format. Generally located in Program dataSolidworksSolidworks20**Thread Profiles:How to add a custom size thread
    How to add a custom size thread
  2. Choose a Standard and open the file in Solidworks. The file contains a sketch(representing cutting tool for thread) with all the dimensions specified, and in the Configurations Tab, a number of configurations for each size can be found:

How to add a custom size thread      3. Right click on “Inch Tap Configuration” in the tab and add a new configuration:

How to add a custom size thread

4. New size added, now keep this configuration open and edit the sketch as per your requirements and save the file:

How to add a custom size thread

5. Now on a part(nut/bolt/screw/rod), apply the size by going into thread option and choosing the recently created configuration in the standard:

How to add a custom size thread

Hope this helps. Keep posted for tips and tricks every week.

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