Archicad Essential Skills – Virtual

  • Learn how to fully model a basic Building Information Model and produce drawings from it with Archicad – a leading building information modeling solution!

Archicad Essential Skills is the fundamental component of the Graphisoft BIM Classes series of classroom trainings. It offers an in-depth overview of the most essential tools and techniques for beginner Archicad users. The course also provides relevant information about the Building Information Modelling (BIM) concept and its practical use in the architectural design practice.

Using a hands on project based approach our accredited trainer will teach you:

  • Basic Archicad Set Up and concepts
  • Setting up a project
  • Modeling a basic building
  • Archicad and Ci Tools - Doors and Windows
  • Sections and Elevations
  • Extensions
  • Saving views
  • Site and Foundation
  • Annotation/Dimensioning Important concepts
  • Multi Story Projects
  • Schedules and Lists
  • More Model Detail
  • Drawings and Layouts
  • Sun and Shadow
  • Rendering

  • Learning Objectives
    By the end of this three day course you will understand:

  • The advantages of Building Information Modelling
  • How to setup and manage a project
  • The functionality of Archicad's principal Tools
  • The method of producing a project with associated documentation
  • Extracting basic data from the Model

  • Prerequisites
  • General computer skills
  • It is strongly recommended that students complete volumes 1 and 2 of the Archicad Training Series as preparation for this course

  • Delivery Mode
    3 days virtual classroom

    Qualification Issued
    Certificate of Achievement
    An Archicad User Certification course

    Who is it for?
    This training is recommended for those who would like to get familiar with the fundamental concepts, tools and techniques of Archicad. It is suitable for architects, designers and students or architecture without any work experience with BIM. It is also sufficient for beginner Archicad users who would like to extend their knowledge of the software.

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