Archicad Team Collaboration

  • Learn how to combine project sharing techniques to provide the best team collaboration solution. 

Designing a building is a complex process that requires smooth communication and collaboration among all members of the project team. One of the key factors of successful collaboration is the efficient sharing of BIM project data among team members. Archicad provides two basic methods for sharing BIM project data among a team of architects: Teamwork - method for sharing projects; Hotlink Modules - method for splitting complex projects into smaller parts.

In this training you will learn how to use the best capabilities from Archicad Teamwork and Hotlink Modules, separately and combined to have the best results in a hands-on classroom environment. You will discuss the performance ramifications of these techniques and project sharing methods combined to provide the best possible collaboration solution for large and complex projects.

Learning Objectives
The aim of this training is to provide an overview of the various collaboration techniques in Archicad and their strategic use in the architectural office, combining Teamwork and Hotlink Modules to increase efficiency.

Graphisoft Archicad Essential Skills Training, Archicad BIM Modeling and Archicad Documentation are recommended as prerequisite to this training.

Delivery Mode
1 day Face to Face Classroom

Qualification Issued
Certificate of Achievement
An Archicad Professional Certification course

Who is it for?
Users should be familiar with Archicad modeling, documentation and management tools, willing to optimize their Team Collaboration process in Archicad

More About This Course
Software Requirements
Participants must have access to a computer with the latest Archicad version installed.