SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium Non-Linear Training

Raise your SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEA skills to the next level. This course provides an overview on a wide range of nonlinear structural/mechanical analysis topics.

  • Geometric Non linearities

  • Large displacements problems

  • Large strain formulation

  • Material Non linearities

  • Nonlinear elasticity

  • Plasticity (von Mises, isotropic/kinematic/mixed hardening rules)

  • Temperature dependent material properties

  • Visco-elasticity and creep

  • Contact (Boundary) Non linearities

  • 3D nonlinear gap/contact analysis

  • Numerical Procedures

  • Solution control techniques

  • Equilibrium Iterations schemes

  • Termination schemes

  • Special Topics

  • Adaptive automatic stepping algorithm

  • Prescribed non-zero displacements associated with time curves

  • Deformation dependent loading

  • Analysis stabilization techniques

  • Viewing the Results

  • Deflected shape plots

  • Displacement and stress color filled contour plots

  • Animation of deflected shape, displacement, and stress contour plots

Learning Objectives
On completion of this course you will know how to deal with models that exhibit large displacements and/or yielding; discuss and practice the use of many material models available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation and, most importantly, how to drive a nonlinear analysis to successful completion

SOLIDWORKS Simulation. At least one month using software.

Delivery Mode
2 days face to face

Qualification Issued
Certificate of Achievement

Who is it for?
Users who would like to become productive fast

Morning /Afternoon tea

Course level

Skills you will acquire
Test parts and assemblies for a variety of nonlinear situations. Apply nonlinear materials. View nonlinear analysis results and understand the effects

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